SealSkinz £19.99


The new breathable, waterproof, not to mention machine washable, SealSkinz socks feel much more like a normal sock than the Porelles as they considerably more flexible and much thinner. The seal around the top of the sock is much better: we haven’t had any wet feet in over three months of use (okay it has been summer, but not exactly a dry one). Another great improvement is that the problems associated with reduced blood-circulation in tight shoes appear to have gone along with the bulk of the material thickness. Our experience with these socks has been very positive.

The tech bit

In a nutshell: the socks are made from three layers of material; a soft wicking inner layer, a stretchy mid-layer, and durable, hydrophobic (water shy) outer. Those of you who want to know the full details should go to the tech section of their website where you’ll find everything you need to know.

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