Freezing feet aren’t much fun but for many are just a part of winter mountain biking in the UK, but these new Fox Mammoth socks do a good job at keeping the misery of frost bite firmly at bay.

Their main weapon in the defence against the increasingly cold weather is a thick Merino wool construction. And with a generous length – they’re the longest socks I’ve yet test – they cover a good deal of the lower leg keeping more of your skin covered up. If you find them too long to wear with shorts, underneath tights they’re hidden from view and you can enjoy toasty warm feet.

It really is remarkable stuff, Merino wool. It doesn’t pong, doesn’t itch, doesn’t get cold even when wet, washes easily and is warm and breathable. Despite the latest advances in man-made fabrics, sheep still provide the best insulation against the cold..

Available in sizes S/M and L/XL.


Warm socks to keep your feet warm.