One of the most recognisable brands in cycling is Sidi, the Italian shoe manufacturer. They’ve been making some of the most sought-after shoes for years, and their new Dominator 5 SRS is set to be even more highly sought-after.

The Dominator 5 is the company’s best-selling mountain bike shoe, and is popular here in the UK with mountain bikers and cycle couriers alike – the latter opting for a mountain bike shoe for the ease of walking the treaded sole allows compared to a slippery carbon road cycling shoe sole.

MTB SRS sole

The UK importers Big Bear tell us that this popularity was fed back to Italy with suggestions for a few key changes. And they listened. The changes include the disappearance of mesh panels at the front of the shoe. Mesh panels are pretty pointless in the UK when it’s rarely warm enough to need the cooling airflow such mesh panels encourage.

Another important change came from the shoe being the favoured choice by cycle couriers, who do a fair amount of walking delivery parcels and letter into offices (if you've ever skated across a polished floor on Speedplay road cleats you'll understand). All that walking wears the sole out quickly though, so now it's completely replaceable. The five sections can be unscrewed and new tread fitted, prolonging the life of the shoe.

The upper is made from a durable Lorica microfiber material. Two Velcro straps and an Ultra SL buckle clamps the shoe in place. Like the tread the buckle is replaceable, and a two year warranty comes with each pair.

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