Vulpine Boxers 2

Written by Toby Orton.

The Vulpine Merino Boxer Shorts are super-comfortable, highly breathable and odourless undergarments with padding.

What they say: Designed to provide market-leading cycling comfort, style and hygiene to compliment trousers, jeans or loose shorts without looking technical.

Vulpine Boxers 1
With so much time spent in the saddle our backsides probably deserve some pampering, which is exactly what these Vulpine Merino Boxers do. Whether you’re on an ultra hard racing saddle or wearing in a new Brooks, extra padding comes in handy.

Designed to offer comfort and hygiene, the super-duper Merino fabric fibres in these boxers are literally a breath of fresh air, i.e. they don’t stink after one ride. Riding through the city with these under a pair of jeans has been a dangerous pleasure, dangerous in the fact that I had to go out and buy another pair to alternate between washes.

The highlight of the Vulpine Merino Boxers that makes them great either for the commute or social weekend rides is that they stay dry. We’re all clued up to the benefits of merino but even so, the breathability is impressive. The padding is thick enough to provide comfort but not so spongy that you sport any noticeable sag through your shorts or trousers. I’d happily wear these out - undercover - after a ride and dare I say it, I might even pick them up if I was fresh out of clean boxers. Maybe.

Who it’s good for: If you value a comfortable ride that lets you turn up at your destination without sweaty underwear then the Vulpine Merino Boxers are the perfect choice in avoiding the need to change.