Written by David Guest.

The warm and comfortable SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Glove allows for great dexterity

A totally waterproof, breathable and windproof cycle glove with added features such as device touchscreen-friendly index finger and thumb and anti-slip inner lining.

What it is: Cyclists, whatever your level or discipline, face a trade-off when it comes to finding a good pair of winter riding gloves. While you seek ultimate protection from the elements, this can often mean having to sacrifice hand movement, making you feel clumsy and slow – two very undesirable sensations for cycling.

Thankfully SealSkinz has introduced an All Weather Cycle Glove that offers substantial protection but also allows the rider to keep a good level of hand dexterity, so braking and gear changing remain relatively unhindered.

The gloves keep your hands protected from wind and rain in most of the conditions you are likely to face – they are not designed for riding in the Arctic, for that you might want to look elsewhere – but as an every-day, cold weather glove, they really perform.


Their subtle and discreet styling means you can also potentially wear them as a general glove without looking like you’ve forgotten to get changed off the bike.

The All Weather Cycling Glove is also boosted by a rather nice touchscreen friendly index finger and thumb on each hand – so you can be sure you are able to access and monitor progress on whichever electronic device you use.

Who it's good for: Great waterproof winter gloves that will cover you in most British weather without loosing too much hand movement. They also represent value at a lower price point than many cycling-specific brands.