Scott’s Minus gloves are lightweight and they don’t restrict movement but they do keep your hands nice and warm on winter rides, a combination that most cold-weather gloves fail to strike.


Personally I’ve had a set of these for the whole winter so far, and although it hasn’t always been minus degrees, the changeable conditions have only led me to like the gloves even more. Let me tell you why:

Winter in Britain can be cold. It can also be very wet. This year has been more along the lines of the latter. I have a particular problem with wet hands and feet – you could almost call it a phobia the feeling is so strong – something to do with standing in fields in sideways rain by day and camping in flooded tents by night at bike races all through my youth. Anyway, the first points won by Scott’s Minus gloves is for keeping the rain off my digits, they aren’t 100% waterproof by any means but they do enough to keep hands dry on even the wettest of British bike rides.

The second top-score for the gloves is in their ability to keep the cold out, perhaps an obvious specification for a winter glove but something that not all brands have mastered yet. I’ve ridden in these on the coldest day of the winter so far and didn’t get numb hands. The Gore Windstopper material that the top of these is made from clearly works. If that isn’t enough, Scott also make a liner (sold separately), a soft, thin under-glove, that matches the gloves to ensure that the Minus’s cannot be faulted on their warmth-retaining abilities.

The overall construction quality is good, after a couple of months of riding the gloves show no signs of faltering in the way of holes or rogue stitches. I’ve had a couple of good offs riding in the recent sloppy conditions around the Forest of Dean and I can report that they’ve also stood up to the Klinsmann test…

The defining feature though, the Minus’s crowning glory, is the feel you get through to the bars. There really aren’t many winter gloves that can boast warmth with thin enough material to still allow you to feel which control you’re manhandling, but these ones do and moreover they feel not much bulkier than a normal (summer) riding glove.

Several other members of the Bike Magic office staff use these and swear by them, so it’s not just me who is sold on them.


Great gloves that offer warmth and feel along with quality construction. Highly recommended as a winter glove.


Keep your hands warm

Don't limit feel of the handlebars


For extreme cold weather the liner may be necessary, which is sold separately

Price: £42.99

More information: Scott Minus Gloves

What Scott say about the Minus gloves:

  • Gore Windstopper® fabric
  • Clarino® palm
  • Velcro closure
  • Neoprene cuff
  • Silicon grip
  • Reflective detail