Scott’s Antigo Jacket seemingly has everything you could need from warm, after-ride clothing. Especially as last Saturday was the coldest and wettest ride of the winter so far.

After a few hours of pedalling through the sandy, brake-destroying soil of the Surrey Hills the group pulled over for a much needed sausage roll, normally enough to revive motivation. Those who have sampled the delights of Peaslake Village stores will know the joy that the pastry based snack provides… However, today was a different matter.

Calling it a day early due to entire brake pads that disappeared faster than Jimmy Saville’s legacy, with the sound of metal on metal we dragged ourselves back to the car. Getting changed in to drier clothing while at the same time trying to stop my body descending into hypothermia, I became instantly jealous of an associates jacket. On returning back to Bike Magic HQ the following Monday I began searching for something similar straight away.


I remembered our sister site, Dirt, featuring a Bristolian Pump Track race with Brendan Fairclough and a new Scott winter jacket. A quick phone call later and what turned up was exactly what I was looking for (also in the box was a particularly nice hat – nice and snug with none of the usual itching that can come with a winter hat...).

The Scott Antigo Jacket is, according to Scott, ‘style for fetishists’. Fantasies aside, the jacket is part of their winter sports range but is ideal for post ride thawing, hanging around in between racing or a quick spin to the local watering house.


The jacket is light in weight yet it provides a good amount of heat, an hour outside with nothing more than a t-shirt underneath in single figure temperatures proved that. The toggles that are cleverly hidden away inside the pockets can tighten the hem and thumbholes on the sleeves offer extra coverage if you are caught short with no gloves, both nice touches. The arms and the cut of the jacket offer enough length to cover arms and lower back when on the bike, despite not being designed for this.

Coming in a range of colours (see Scott website), I am a huge fan of how both inside and out look stylish, so if you are unlucky enough to slip up in the trails car park, embarrassment can be hidden whilst attending post ride refreshments.


A high quality jacket from the Swiss based company, if you are in the market for a warm off the bike jacket this is recommended. It is competitively priced when placed next to prestigious brands like Patagonia or Finistere, which I think this jacket matches up to. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even be tempted to camp out at the weekend races!


Key features: Fixed adjustable hood, reversible jacket with continuous zipper, breast pocket on the inside, drawcord hem- adjustable with one hand, cuffs with thumb holes.

Price: £144.99

More information: Scott Sports

What Scott say about the Antigo jacket

“Style for fetishists, even when the layering will not compromise! The Antigo Jacket has a perfect fit and scores with fresh colors. The jacket is reversible and is a must-have this winter season!"