RedWhite The Bibs 1

by Duncan Moore.

RedWhite The Bibs bib shorts are sensibly priced shorts designed with long distance riding in mind

Price: £99.00 (approx.)

What they say: Designed from the ground up to be a performer, we’re confident that if you’re in the market for a no-nonsense, ultra-comfortable and luxurious bib short, you’ll want what we designed.

RedWhite The Bibs 5
RedWhite began when its founders, a pair of cyclists in Singapore, saw a gap in their domestic market for mid-priced, long-distance bib shorts with different features to those currently available.

The instructions supplied with each pair of RedWhite Bibs suggest that the buyer soak them in cold water overnight. The thinking behind this seemingly strange idea is that it helps quicken up the process of breaking in the pad fitted to the shorts. Made in Italy, the insert is made up of multiple layers, including gel inserts that are cut to shape before being placed in a thermic moulding machine, which fuses them all together. The result is a 3D shaped pad, which while it initially feels bulky when you first pull the short on but becomes much less noticeable once you’re in the saddle. In fact the longer you’re in the saddle the less you notice the pad.

It is not just the comfort of the insert that marks The Bibs out as different to equivalently priced offerings on the market. Usually, short’s legs finish with a line of silicone grippers that can on occasion be uncomfortable, not so with The Bibs. The bottom 7cm of each leg are made up of polyester and elastane material that is covered on the inside with silicone microdots that gently grip your leg. After a long ride when you pull the shorts off you’re not left with red rings around your thighs in the same way you would be with traditional shorts.

Finishing off The Bibs are the bib sections themselves, which are made of stretchy mesh to allow heat to escape but at the same time they’re wide enough that they don’t dig in during a ride.

Who it’s good for: The RedWhite’s Bibs are like a pair of good jeans, the more you wear them the more comfortable they become as the slowly take on your body shape, suitable for anyone in the market for comfortable shorts for long, or indeed short, distance riding.