Protective is a German brand available exclusively through Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Op. There's not a great deal you can say about most bike jerseys, but the Selen is, relatively speaking, feature-laden. It comes in stealthy black only, but most of the seams are reflective to aid low-light visibility. And there are a lot of seams, as the Selen uses Protective's Anatomic Fitting Technology. THis means plenty of panels to get everything fitting snugly without bunching or saggy bits. It's not a super-sleek race jersey, though - it's a medium cut, so it's close-fitting without being excessively figure-hugging.

The front zip is half-length, with a mesh liner behind it to prevent scratchy-chest syndrome. At the top end is a small pocket that the zip pull tucks into, a feature often seen on jackets but less common (but no less welcome) on jerseys. Round the back are the traditional three pockets, with the central one being slightly wider (it'll easily take a rolled-up lightweight jacket) and the tops of the outer ones being angled down a bit for easier access.

A neat touch is the mesh panel starting from just above the pockets and extending down behind them, which does a good job of keeping the often-sweaty small of the back well ventilated. The same mesh is found on the sleeves. All the seams are flatlocked and the whole garment is really very comfy indeed.

Ups and downs

Positives: Stealthy looks, pleasing intermediate fit, well made, comfy

Negatives: Nothing much


It's tough to go wrong with jerseys, but the Selen is a cut (so to speak) above the herd with its multi-panel fit and well-thought-out details. Plus it's plain black, which is always a winner for those who don't want lots of branding all over the place.


Performance: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Overall 5/5