POC Trail shorts £75

I’m a fan of lightweight baggy shorts and POC’s new Trail shorts fall squarely into that category.

They’re unlined which is preferable if you have a favourite pair of padded Lycra shorts to wear underneath, but does mean they look expensive compared to shorts that are supplied with a liner.

The fit is generous but they don’t feel too flappy when riding. My only gripe is the lack of waist band adjusters that let you tailor their fit. I found the medium size a little loose around the waist - they didn’t slip down during riding but being able to easily adjust the fit would have been a nice addition. The only provision is the belt loops, but who wants to wear a belt when they're hitting the trails?

Durability is sometimes the price you pay for lightweight fabrics. The thin 100% polyamide fabric is breathable, not that the weather has been kind enough to really test that to the limit. The fabric, despite being so thin, has so far stood up to plenty of riding – we’ve practically been living in them since they arrived for testing – but we’ve yet to test them in a crash. Construction is top-notch, with smooth seams throughout and high quality stitching apparent.


Features are kept to a minimum. The aforementioned belt loops, two side pockets and one small zipped pocket at the bottom of the short. POC branding is discrete; a large contrast logo runs up the side of the leg and some small rubber tabs dotted about. Understated and cool looking, they go with any outfit.

Three colours are available in size sizes from 28 to 38in.


A really nice high quality baggy short that has been let down by the lack of waist adjustment, but the price is somewhat on the hefty side.