Words: Carsick John

Photos: Angelic Keno

One Industries was founded in 1997 in San Diego. They started out designing moto graphics and seat covers then quickly expanded their empire into moto clothing. 2012 saw One Industries move into bike clothing and bike helmets, offering a range of cycling gear with a moto twist.

One Industries Sector shorts.

If I happened to be stuck in a elevator with one of those annoying marketing types who insist you describe what One Industries do in a sentence, I’d say “high end, reasonably high quality (some of the basic kit is of questionable quality it has to be said), high cost, biking kit that you shouldn’t lend to your mates".

Down to business then. The One Industries Sector shorts retail at £69.99.

The colour of these shorts is called Chartreuse, what is that? Lime green? Thankfully I’m colour blind and they still look bright so I can only imagine what they look like in glorious Technicolor.

Maybe I’m too old to appreciate these new wave neon cycling hues, as I like my bike kit plain and subdued, prancing around the trails looking like a candy wrapper isn’t my cup of tea, luckily you can opt for the classic funeral black colour way that’s also available.

The colour is about the only negative I can find with these shorts, as the fit and cut are perfect for my kind of riding; XC to AM via enduro.

Carsick John on a ride in a foreign country. He seems very much sold on the shorts.

Made from rip stop, these shorts are both lightweight and tough at the same time. The 32" waist I was trying out matches the length of the shorts perfectly, as they sit just on the knee.

The Sector shorts have two small pockets both zipped, one on the hip and another on the back, which again is perfect for car keys, small change, lift passes, etc. I don’t require my shorts to have a mass of storage.

They do have a dubious and slightly sexy Ann Summer style crotch mesh (for ventilation no doubt), but don’t let this put you off as, unless you’re planning on going commando, nothing gets too exposed.

The washing instructions say ‘hand wash only,’ but that’s not going to happen, I repeatedly exposed them to 40 degrees without issue.


The Sector shorts are not overloaded with features, fancy zips or panels here and there, they’re just really well made, great fitting shorts that are well worth the money. Now there’s a sentence I don’t normally associate with mountain bike products.


- Great fitting and lightweight

- Top quality construction

- Make you feel ‘moto’


- New rave colourway

- Hand wash only

- Ann Summers sexy crotch mesh

Colours: Chartreuse & Black

Sizes: 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38

More information: One Industries Sector shorts

Price: £70


- Lightweight and durable with four-way stretch rips top construction

- Extensive ventilation with large, strategically placed mesh panels

- Reduced bulk and irritation with compact pockets

- Versatile with handy optic wipe and media port

- All day comfort with chamois liner short

- Secure fit with dual waist adjusters and snap fly