New Zealand’s Nzo is one of our favourite little mountain bike clothing companies. Based in the down under mountain bike mecca of Rotorua, Nzo makes a nicely thought-out range of mountain bike gear, including baggies, shorts liners, jerseys, gloves, and merino tops.

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Nzo is run by self-confessed weekend warrior Gary Sullivan (who’s actually a damn good rider, an attribute that seems to go with living in Rotorua) and his partner Glen Anderson.

Their gear has occasionally been available in the UK, but now Nzo has a dedicated local franchise, so you don’t have to order all the way from New Zealand and worry about customs agent charges, and whether or not you’ll get hit for VAT.

The new UK Nzo Service Centre is based in Hungerford and run by Ian Nesbit, and his wife Arabella Tancred. Ian and Arabella met Gary and Glen in New Zealand last summer and, Gary says, “they were impressed with our ideas and products," and a partnership was born

“They have stock in Hungerford, and can ship to anybody in the UK.That will make deliveries worry free, no hassles with delays, unexpected taxes or duties, and if the product isn't right it is a simple return to Hungerford, for a refund or replacement.

“To begin with they are focusing on our key products: mountain bike shorts and liners, some tights, and some very deluxe Merino street/trail gear."

Check out the UK range at