Nike's Windfront bib tights appear to go head-to-head with Gore Bike Wear's similarly priced offering, and the features are similar too - thin, fleecy-backed fabric down the backs of the legs with a windproof fabric at the front. Nike's windproof fabric is somewhat stiffer and not as soft on the inside as Gore's Windstopper Softshell, but it's certainly windproof and a little better against light showers. The windproof panel runs right to the top at the front, and it's quite a high front - taking a trailside pee could prove a challenge.

It's also a high back, which is more welcome - it's a bit like having an extra layer. We also appreciated the fleecy panels at the hips and small of the back. These tights are available in padded and non-padded versions - the chamois in the padded test pair was a perfectly acceptable shaped synthetic one.

To help knee articulation, there's a panel of thinner fabric behind each knee. We didn't find them all that comfortable here, though. Having an extra panel there means two additional seams, and while the thinner fabric allows greater freedom of movement it also tends to bunch a bit. We feel that the legs are cut a bit straight - more of a bend at the knee would certainly help.

Ankle zips with reflective trim (and teeny-tiny Nike swooshes on the zip-pulls) and a subtle logo on the leg complete the package.

Positives: Keeps the wind and some rain out, high top adds warmth

Negatives: Windproof bits a little stiff, high front may lead to issues, tendency for bunching at knees


This is a perfectly competent garment, but we'd be tempted to pay the tiny amount more for the Gore offering just because we found it more comfortable. Worth a try in the shop, though - your legs might not be the same shape as ours...

Performance: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Overall: 3/5