Carsick John is a sarcastic fellow so take this review with a big helping of salt. He likes these Muxu shorts yet is clearly finding it a little tricky to come to terms with the new school of around-town style.

Muxu Tempest shorts. Despite the mocking, Carsick John does like these from a practical point of view. Whether or not you decide they'd fit in with your riding/wardrobe is up to you.

We ordered in these shorts to see how a range of clothing aimed at 'around town' could transfer over to the mountain bike world and, although Carsick John has strong feelings about 3/4 length shorts, if they're your cup of tea and you commute and ride around town as well as riding off-road then you might well be interested to check out for similar numbers.


Words: Carsick John

Muxu is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona, ploughing a similar furrow to Rapha, but with more of a focus on clothing you can wear on and off the bike.

The website reveals a statement of intent that reads: “Taking the cyclist seamlessly through the day, Muxu apparel blurs the boundary between what you wear on and off the bike. From a light commute, a game of bike polo, to 100 kilometre messenger days, your Muxu is designed to look and feel amazing, whilst functioning without compromise." Obviously klaxons sound at the mere mention of ‘bike polo’.

First glance at the Muxu Tempest shorts and they are very Rapha-esque, with minimal branding and subtle styling. A look in the waistband reveals another bold message: “Barcelona inspired cycle wear."

Having been to Barcelona on numerous occasions from the alco-stag-do to a romantic weekend break, I can honestly say the only ¾ length shorts (Capri shorts) I ever spotted were wrapped around middle aged men desperate to look more yoof. Note to self: maybe I wasn’t in the right hipster spots.

The feel

So on a cold, dull and snowy February Monday, I decided to get into character and wear the shorts around the house in the hope they would inspire the sun to come out and bring a Barcelona vibe to my winter depression.

However, the only reaction the Muxu Tempest shorts provoked was from my 4-year-old son who proceeded to mock me using improvised songs mostly based around the chorus “Dude looks like a Lady in Yoga shorts". They are a tad tight.

However, you can tell the Tempest shorts are well made with quality fabric and neat touches like mobile phone pockets from the first touch. The shorts are made from Swiss Klinger fabric, which has a hi-tech coating and gives the shorts both elasticity and water repellence.

The material - stretchy and yet with a casual look. These could be a good option for those who are bored of the sometimes garish MTB specific alternatives.

Time to take the Tempest for a ride

My fixie is currently non-existent so I broke out the next best thing and took my ‘cross bike out for an urban to trail combo ride, thinking at least in the woods there are less people to see me looking like Mr Mid-life crisis.

On the bike the ¾ length shorts feel practical and offer well-needed winter warmth to the knees, the water repellent fabric works a treat and they feel like they’re bike shorts not fashion shorts. Top marks.

The Tempest shorts were not in any way restrictive whilst riding as your conventional casual shorts may be, plus the technical fabric helped to deflect water splashes and the odd encounter with the snowy ground. Muxu never set out or claimed to be a top technical short, so I was never expecting them to be, but I have to say that I was impressed by their comfort level, lifespan (as I finish this review I have been riding in these for several weeks with no sign of wear) and practicality on the bike. For the £85 asking price you'd probably expect that though.


- Water repellent fabric

- Custom lockable Muxu X zippers

- 4 pockets - 2 front, 2 zipped rear

- Rear mobile pocket

- Comfortable, tag free waistband

- Higher at the back, lower at the front for comfort and modesty

- Belt loops

- 2-button waist band closure

- Dark navy


Once you get over the look of these shorts they’re actually very comfortable to ride in but they’re probably not for everyone as the slim-fit ¾ length is a very on/off thing and for me it’s an off.

The Muxu Tempest shorts are not cheap either touching cloth at the £85 mark.


Good fit for riding

Well made with some good features such as the 'modest' cut

Subtle design good for those who are tired of race kit



Probably at their best on a fixie ride around London

More information: Muxu Tempest

Price: £85.00