Brighton-based clothing company Morvelo has just launched a new 2011 spring summer collection, with alongside the staple range of t-shirts, caps and cycle kit is an all-new High Roller Series.

A limited edition range, the High Roller Series “celebrates the risks and rewards we all take to follow the sport we love. Whether gambling about the right timing to launch an attack or gambling on nailing that drop-off you've been eyeing up for weeks, gambling is inextricably linked with the world of bicycles.

“Deciding on which trails to explore, which roads to ride, which climbs to test you legs on, which descents to test your bravery on, we take chances each and every time we ride. As a wise man once said, a sure thing is no fun."

See the full range in the pictures below this article or head over to the new Morvelo website www.morvelo.com