Knox Oryx 1

written by Duncan Moore.

The Knox Oryx gloves are full-finger mountain bike gloves with additional scaphoid protection built in

Price: £39.99

What they say: Oryx are tough cycling gloves from Knox with Scaphoid protection.

What is it: Knox is best known for making protective kit for motorcyclists and has taken the lessons it has learned looking after them and applied some of those ideas to cycling gear, with the Oryx gloves this means they gain Knox’s patented ‘SPS’, otherwise known as Scaphoid Protection System. It is a pair of small plastic pucks at the base of each palm, under the scaphoid bone, which help absorb impact in the event of a crash and more importantly allow the glove to slide along the ground rather than catching and twisting the ride’s wrist.

There’s very little other padding on the glove, just a single layer Clarino over the entire palm and a small section of Pittards’ digital goat leather at the base of the fingers and inside the thumb junction.

Flip the glove over and the back is simple four-way stretch mesh material with a logo in TPR and TPR blobs on the knuckle, which Knox say are there for protection but are really more decorative than useful. Talking of decoration there are bright blue flashes in the articulated fingers.

Other features of note on the Oryx include a sweat panel on the outside of each thumb and Rubbertec panels on the fingertips of the first two fingers to prevent you wearing them out shifting gear.

Who it’s good for: Those worried about crashing while out riding MTBs, the Oryx gloves should provide you with peace of mind that should be able to walk away from an off with the scaphoid intact.