The folk at howies know how to roll in style and now that they’re back to basics (the staff ‘bought howies back’ from a larger entity in January 2012), they can once again proudly boast that they’re ‘a small active clothing company based in Cardigan Bay on the west coast of Wales.’ If you keep an eye on their website and blog then you’ll know that the staff are all busy taking part in various outdoor pursuits in their free time, testing the products that they have direct input to and ensuring the quality and longevity that perhaps, it could be said, slipped a little at one point.

Howies Steel Frames t-shirt.
Photo © Ben Winder

Although the staff and management have changed over the years, the company's ethos has not. The new range of clothing is a classic howies mix of casual and technical with morals in mind, materials always well considered and sports as a source of inspiration. Bikes are back in the mix and there is a cycle range already up and running with mountain bike specific kit in the making.

Aside from the technical products in the pipeline, there’s one casual product that we love already, the Steel Frames t-shirt.

"If you've ridden steel you'll know the feel."

Organic is one howies buzzword and it of course applies to this 100% organic cotton t-shirt. The T is a great cut and fit, it’s got a good heavy feel to it and we love the vibrant colour (only available in blue).

And how could we not like a t-shirt with a slogan like ‘Guaranteed to ride steel frames 365 days of the year’? It’s a nice looking number good for off-bike posing and of course with a nod to the masters of tubing and their classic stamp of authenticity, Reynolds.

One thing to note is that plenty of other bike riders seem to share our opinion on this T – they’re currently sold out of two sizes but assure us that more are on their way from the print shop.

Price: £25.00

More information and ordering: Steel Frames T

Howies are back in the game with their new range and we’re glad they are small again. Stay tuned for the mountain bike range, coming soon.