howies base layer feature

A high quality, comfortable and insulating merino wool base layer to keep you warm

Price: £39

What they say: Long sleeved, superfine Merino wool base layer. Regular fit. Naturally wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cool when you're hot and warm when you're cold.

Yes, you can wear a cotton t-shirt cycling. But you’re going to get sweaty and clammy pretty quickly, and when you stop you’ll chill right through. A base layer is intended to keep your skin dry when you’re riding hard, keeping you warmer so you can ride for longer.

The howies Classic Merino Base Layer is made from, as the name indicates, 100% merino wool. It’s 180g weight wool, which strikes a nice balance between being not too thick and not too thin. Worn under a jacket or jersey its keeps you snug and very warm, even during the chilly winter weather we’re currently experiencing.

The merino keeps you dry when you sweat, and keeps you at a nice comfortable temperature for the duration of your ride. The great appeal of merino wool is that it is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant, so it never stinks, and it’s very breathable so you never risk overheating.

It’s stitched together with overlocked seams, the arms are a good length and the fit is comfortably snug without being too figure hugging. It’s available in four sizes and three colours.

Who it’s good for: It’s a high quality base layer that is ideal for winter mountain biking with good comfort and insulation. At the price it’s a good investment and you can even wear it as a t-shirt off the bike and for other outdoor activities, so you can easily get a lot of use out of it on and off the bike.