Daddy Long Legs are Ground Effect's warmest bike tights. The basic construction is hefty Lycra, but added warmth comes from the windproof fleece panels on the knees and front of the legs and a fleecey bit at the top to keep your back warm.

Unlike most winter tights, these don't have a bib. The idea is that they're easy to take on and off - they've got ankle zips that open far enough to let the tights go over shoes - and there's a high back to give you most of the warmth associated with bibs.

They're designed to be worn over shorts, with no padded seat of their own. Comfort is good, although as with all non-bib tights some riders won't get on with an elasticated waistband. They're certainly warm, too. Reflective piping under the knees and logos on the back of the legs are neat finishing touches.

Positives: Warm, easy to get on and off, great price

Negatives: Not as comfy as bibs


We've always found Ground Effect stuff to be well put together and very well priced, and the Daddy Long Legs are no exception. If it's going to be cold all day we'd probably prefer bibs, but if it might warm up later then these are just the job.

Performance: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Overall: 4/5