A good base layer is key to year-round riding, providing perhaps the most important layer through winter, while also ensuring sweat is allowed to wick away from the body so excess moisture doesn't make you cold.


Frankly's base layers are manufactured using a new fabric called Neobi, which is constructed from a combination of organic cotton and non-mulesed merino, and is available in a 200g weight, which is comparable to an average t-shirt.

The launch range is made up of three base layers; a long-sleeve half-zip (£89), a long-sleeve crew-neck (£59) and a short-sleeve crew-neck (£49), with each available in men's (colours white, black or olive) and women's (colours white and black) cuts.

According to Frankly, Neobi's benefits are that it is biodegradable, it actively moves sweat away from the skin without locking odour into the fibres and is does not use any chemicals needed for moisture transportation that eventually wash out.

Frankly and Neobi are the brainchild of Jenni Arksey, owner of London-based sportswear and lifestyle design agency Goose UK, and Dave Giles-Kaye, an Australian-born textile innovator, who has previous experience working with Gore-Tex and the Australian military.

Find out more at www.eu.franklyfrankly.com