Available: Now.

Colours: Black only

Website: www.endura.co.uk

Tel: 01506 497749


Crashability comes through using a fabric called Spandura, which is reportedly 5 times more abrasion-resistant than ordinary Lycra. Comfort is achieved by using 6 panels (more panels the better is the general consensus) and sculpting the fit into an “anatomic “S" cut" (the legs are curved). Comfort is further increased by using a two layer construction on the thighs, with coolmax closest to the skin to wick away sweat/rain water.

That two layer construction is going to improve crash-resistance too. The zip-up ankles are held in place with grippers and the tights are held up at the waist with a drawstring rather than bibs. Unlike many other tights on the market these come with an integral chamois (the antibacterial pad in the crotch). Final fact: all seams are 4-thread overlocked for maximum security.

Fit is a bit odd: I’m 5’10" and 11.5stone and I needed the large. Even in these the ankle zips didn’t want to do up and unless you had the zip positioned the right way (not easy to do in winter gloves) they kept coming undone. Annoying. With the tights being large and me being only average height, they were a bit long. In-fact I reckon I could comfortably pull them up to my nipples, old man stylee, if I really wanted to. That said, I didn’t really have any problems with them slipping down as a number of other people have commented on.

At this time of year a pair of tights like this gives the perfect amount of warmth. From looking at consumer reviews on the site it looks like they don’t cope too well when the temperatures get really cold. We don’t really see that as a real issue: there are plenty of other products out there designed specifically to cope with sub-zero temperatures while these are not.

The reflective logos on the back of the thighs are in a really good position and are also very effective which has got to be good news commuters.


A very high quality pair of tights with a price to match. There are a lot of good features but it’s worth trying them on before you buy, as the fit won’t suit everyone.