The Endura CoolMax Stripe socks use a mid-thickness fabric, they're a little chunkier than summer socks, and as such they keep your toes snug as the temperature continues to decline with the onset of winter.

Keep your tootsies warm with these excellent socks

We've been testing a pair for the past couple of months and the tougher fabric used at the heel and toe has stood up well. They are showing no signs of wear and there's no tell tale beginnings of any holes.

Fit is good with a stretchy row of ribs around the mid-foot that keeps them snug. They cope reasonably well with damp rides and they tend to dry out pretty quickly. For the next couple of months before winter requires something a little warmer, these are a great choice.

And they're bloody good value. £11.99 gets you three pairs with different colours. Another solid and reliable product from Endura.


Top performing socks at a great price.




Dry fast


They're a little short

Price: (3 pack) £11.99

More information: Endura CoolMax® Stripe Socks

What Endura says about the CoolMax Stripe socks

Anatomically engineered for cycling

Stretch arch support

Loopback construction

Mesh stitch section

Fast wicking

Fast drying

Mixed triple pack

Available in sizes: M, L