Scottish clothing company Endura has a good reputation for well designed, high performance cycling clothing. This Baa Baa Merino base layer is definitely up there with the best.

Endura's Baa Baa merino layer.

Everyone needs a good base layer at this time of year, and the Baa Baa Merino base layer is as good as it gets. Merino wool is an ideal choice for base layers, it’s not only soft next to the skin but has fantastic wicking and insulating properties, both extremely important when mountain biking. It also doesn't stink to high heaven when you’ve been pounding out the miles either, and you can even wear it for consecutive days without washing - handy for daily commuting.

Chunky merino provides good warmth on cold winter days.

It fits well, Endura sizing usually comes up a little large, so it is a little on the baggy side. Not enough to ruin the performance of the base layer though. It’s a very warm base layer, one of the warmest I’ve tested. That’s because it’s a reasonably thick layer of material and that means, worn with the appropriate layers over the top, it will keep you nice and warm on any ride.

There are cheaper merino base layers available, which makes the £40 price look a little steep, but trust me when I say that this one is a worthwhile investment. It’s very well constructed and has proven durable over the winter months, plus it comes from a company with a very good reputation for making some of the best technical garments in cycling.

One last thing, I like that it is available in four bright colours (and black) to brighten up your day. So, if you don’t have a good base layer in your life, here’s an excellent example.

As opposed to that nastly non pure stuff we have some quality material here.


A very good merino base layer that is plenty thick and warm enough for any day of the year when paired with the correct layers. A good investment.

Price: £39.99

More information: Endura Baa Baa Merino Long Sleeve Base

What Endura says:

  1. Naturally insulating and low odour properties of fine gauge Merino wool
  2. High warmth/weight ratio even when wet
  3. All seams flatlocked for comfort
  4. Athletic fit
  5. Machine washable