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dhb Summer Socks - £6.99

There’s nothing like pulling on a pair of fresh socks. Particularly one’s that are specifically designed for cycling like these from dhb, online retailer Wiggle’s in-house clothing brand.

dhb Summer Socks are, as the name suggests, designed for use in warm weather, and the Coolmax yarn – 40 per cent cotton, 50 per cent polyester, seven per cent nylon and three pre cent elastane – works to keep you both cool and dry – and they’ve kept this reviewer’s feet in check on the rare hot days we’ve enjoyed this summer.

The cycling-specific design mean they're lightweight and comfortable and, thanks to the reinforced heel, toe and arch make the socks feel like an extension of your foot. Comfort is also boosted with no unnecessary padding or seams.

They’re durable, too, having survived a month’s use without a hint of wear and tear. Be warned, though, it's tough to restore the white part to its out-of-the-box glory - so you might want to save them for dry dusty rides rather than muddy ones if you want to keep them looking new for a while.

The dhb Summer Socks are available in two lengths, 8cm or 14cm, although the latter is a little excessive. There are a variety of colours available – black, blue, red or white – so it’s easy enough to colour co-ordinate your kit from head-to-toe.

The 8cm socks will set you back £6.99 a pair, while the 14cm version are an extra quid at £7.99


Your feet are a key contact point between you and the bike, so it’s important to keep them in good nick. These socks keep your feet both cool and comfortable – now let’s just hope for a warm end to the summer.