Shimano M183N 007

The M183N shoes come from Shimano's Mountain Competition range, so they're geared towards the performance-minded rider, with a price tag of £149.99.

That race-orientated design is reflected in the shoe's fibreglass reinforced sole, which provides a stiff platform from which to transfer power into the pedals and through to the wheels.

The micro-adjust ratchet and dual off-set straps ensure your foot's held securely, while allowing for subtle adjustments. The straps are particularly long which is, according to Shimano, so you can cut them down to suit your personal preference.

Shimano M183N 005

The sealed polyurethane synthetic leather upper is designed to make these shoes rideable in all seasons, but the aggressive tread pattern and toe spikes, which increase traction in sticky mud, suggest a bias towards wilder conditions.

With the autumn/winter season looming large, now's the perfect time to let them loose on the trails.