This fine Craft Cool Mesh Superlight base layer is really designed for keeping you cool in hot conditions, but I’ve found it does a sterling job of keeping you dry when worn under several thicker layers on winter rides.


It’s called ‘Superlight’ and they aren’t wrong. The fabric is incredibly thin and seriously light. Pull it on and you barely notice it. The polyester fabric has a mesh-like structure and it’s this that gives the base layer its great wicking properties. Sweat is just lifted off the skin and wafted away for the next layer to deal with.

Size is typical Craft, which means to say it’s fitted and slim. There’s a bit of Lycra in the fabric though so it does stretch. A base layer really needs to sit close to the skin if the fabric is going to stand a chance of doing its job properly, and here the Craft scores well.

Superlight mesh fabric does an amazing job of keeping you dry

It’s soft next to the skin and the shape is ergonomic. It’s gone through several regular washes and still looks as good as new. And don’t be afraid of the polyester stink, the Craft never gets too smelly during or after a ride.

It might be odd to review a base layer designed for hot summer days in January, but the Craft has excelled during the recent cold snap. Mountain biking, if you’re going hard, is an energetic sport and often, even when it’s cold, you don’t need to wear much clothing before you risk overheating. The Craft allows you to wear two long sleeve layers (jersey and jacket) over the top without the risk of overheating.



Excellent sweat wicking and super light fit.




Wicks sweat well


Slim fit not to everyone's taste (or shape, more to the point)

Price: £26

More information:

What Craft says:

- Full lightweight mesh

- Big mesh hole construction for super ventilation and cooling

- Ergonomic fit for total freedom of movements

- Soft and comfortable fit

- Keeps your body fresh during exercising

- Excellent moisture transportation