Castelli Viva Thermal Headband

Written by Josh Mott.

Warmth and a sleek design form a combination that makes Castelli’s Viva Thermo Headband a must-have for the winter months.

Price: £11.00

Keeping the ears cozy whilst also allowing a pleasant cooling breeze over the top of one’s head, the Viva Thermo provides a bridge point between a skull cap and a cap.

What it is: The Castelli Viva Thermo Headband is another example of the Italian clothing company’s place as one of the premier cycling clothing manufacturers. Castelli’s unique and striking design is on display yet again with their famous scorpion logo sitting prominently on the front of the headband. This can give the wearer the appearance of a masked vigilant to the unknowing onlooker. Nevertheless, the look of the Viva Thermo Headband, available in black, blue, red, white and fluo-yellow, is sure to catch others’ attention.

The brushed fleece inside of the headband produces a high amount of heat, keeping one’s ears and forehead warm on during those cold winter training rides. In fact, it is sometimes too warm and on all but the coldest days riders may find they have to take it off after a while. Still, the Viva Thermo Headband also doubles as a scarf.

image3 2

The headband is durable too and even after months of wear shows no signs of fraying, even where the material comes into contact with the helmet.

The cheap price point is also a pleasant surprise, making the Viva Thermo Headband great value for money and really quite difficult to justify not picking up.

Who it’s good for: The Castelli Viva Thermo Headband is suitable for any rider looking for some extra warmth around the head without the chunkiness of a larger more elaborate winter hat.