Winter. Just that solitary word conjures up images of being cold, damp, covered in mud, wondering why you even bothered to venture out onto the bike. But, for many winter, providing you're equipped with the right kit, can be one of the most enjoyable periods of the year.

Winter Clothing Buyer's Guides

What To Wear this Winter

Get the right gear and beat the elements this winter - Dave shares his top tip

What to look for in... Waterproofs

Just what it says on the tin - features and benefits of bike-specific waterproofs

All Your Base Layers Are Belong To Us

What's a base layer and why should you buy one? A brief guide to features and benefits


Don't let the darkness stop you riding, equip yourself with a decent set of lights and you can enjoy one of the most enjoyable aspects of winter riding.

Lights: What to pay, what to expect

Quick run-down of the kind of light system features to expect at different price points

Let there be lights

Freshly-updated lights buyers guide, part one

Let there be (more) lights

Updated Part two of our lighting system buyers' guide looks at lamps and stuff