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Your guide to summer cycling jerseys

At last count, there are fifteen quingigillion different bike jerseys on the market. But choosing the right summer riding jersey, you’ll be glad to know, is actually not as tricky a decision as it might seem.


Yes, you could wear a cotton t-shirt, but after a couple of hours of it gradually getting heavier and soggier as it soaks up all your sweat, you’d probably prefer not to. And when you stop, you'll get cold quickly. Technical jerseys employ materials that wick sweat from your skin and transport it away so that, no matter how hard you ride, you’ll stay dry.

The type of fabric used is a good indicator of the intended use. Short sleeved lightweight affairs are better suited to the high temperatures of the summer, or if you plan to race. Look for man-made fabrics that boast high wicking properties. In general, the thicker the fabric, the warmer the jersey - a slightly thicker, long-sleeved jersey is a very useful garment to have in your riding wardrobe.

Natural fibres, such as Merino wool, are popular too, and manage to combine comfort with naturally high levels of sweat removal. Whatever the fabric though, what you're looking for is one that wicks sweat effectively, removing moisture from the skin to keep you feeling dry.

Have a click through the gallery below to get an idea of what jerseys are available.