Your guide to bicycle light prices

By way of a handy supplement to our existing buyer's guide articles discussing battery and lamp technology, here's a quick and dirty rundown of what sort of lights you can expect to lay your hands on for what sort of money. Obviously there are a lot of lights out there and there'll be plenty that don't fit into these categories by virtue of offering either exceptionally good or disappointingly poor value for money - these are just average specs to give you some idea whether what you're looking at stacks up.

In a nutshell, the more you pay the lighter, brighter and more sophisticated your lights get. Occasional users should look towards the cheaper systems, serious night-ride addicts or year-round commuters towards the pricier ones. As with most things, for most riders the optimum price will be somewhere in the middle - most of the lights that you can get for around £150 will be perfectly satisfactory for nocturnal off-road antics without you having to slow down too much...

Under £50

  • LED or halogen commuter lights
  • Basic halogen rechargeable systems


  • 32W halogen, NiMH batteries
  • 3W SLED, Li-ion batteries


  • 32W halogen, Li-ion batteries
  • 9-10W SLED, Li-ion batteries
  • 10W HIDs, Li-ion


  • 10-28W custom HIDs, Li-Ion batteries, microprocessor controls