2012 is set to go down in history as the year 29ers gain mass acceptance in the UK. Well, we think so anyone, it’s hard to turn these days without setting eyes on one, and we’re bombarded daily with questions about the bigger wheeled bikes.

With that in mind, this month we’ll be focusing on 29ers, bringing you a comprehensive digest of the hottest bikes set to compete for your attention this year. We’ll also be speaking to industry insiders, bike designers, bike shop owners and readers to get a handle on the growing momentum pushing 29ers into the fore of every mountain bikers mind.

And every day we'll present one 29er in our 29er showcase. Let’s get this thing off to a start with our first offering:

Trek Fisher Superfly 100


To some, Gary Fisher is the man responsible for carrying the flag for 29ers, producing his first big wheeler some 10 years ago. Today, the Superfly 100 is the result of that continuous development and a faith in the advantages of the bigger wheels.

What makes it stand out?

Trek offer the Superfly 100 in carbon and aluminium with six models to choose from. The frame is loaded with technology and features Fisher’s G2 geometry, an E2 tapered head tube, ABP Convert bolt-thru rear axle, an oversized front hub design to create a stiffer wheel, BB95 bottom bracket and a host of other touches that ensure it’s one of the most capable 29ers currently available.

Tune in tomorrow for the next 29er bike showcase.


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