WTB Devo Thinline saddle - £89.99

WTB are well known for their saddles, always have been and probably always will be. Introduced a couple of years ago the Devo is aimed at cross-country racers, or those that want a lightweight saddle with a flat wide shape.

The Thinline part of the name refers to the saddles low profile, when viewed from the side. It’s a very flat saddle, with a broad shape across the rear, and is on the short side too.

Everyone is particular about their saddles. Somebody might swear by a certain brand or a shape of saddle, anything else they just can’t get on with. Luckily there's a vast choice of saddles. Regarding the Devo, I found it very comfortable, even on a 4-hour stint in the saddle.

The central recessed channel helps to keep pressure on your precious bits to a minimum, and a nylon fibre shell has cross-cut flex zones right where your sit bones are placed when sat on the saddle to give a little over rough terrain.

The padding is on the firm side with just enough give, it’s ideal if you like your saddle pretty hard and not squishy. The cover is leather, and seems hard wearing so far, but there’s no scuff protection if you have a habit of abusing your perches.

Weight is important for racing, and the titanium railed model we tested weighs just 215g. Titanium rails help, as does its small overall size.


It’s a good saddle if you like to slide around with little restriction, and it’s easy to exit off the back of the saddle on steep drops. A great cross-country saddle perfect for all-day epic rides and 24-hour races.