Canadian-based Straitline Components has turned its background in precision engineering into producing a range of top quality and extremely well designed stems, brake levers, bashguards, bar caps and as reviewed here, pedals.

These very low-profile pedals are made from custom extruded aluminium with the body rotating around a 12mm cromoly axle. Polymer bearings ensure smooth running, and while sticky out of the box soon loosened up. Double-seals ensure long-life – ours have been put to plenty of use and as of yet show no signs of the bearings needing any attention, indeed still going strong.

Crucial to flat pedals is a good wide platform and oodles of grip, something which the Straitline pedals provide with ease, ensuring your shoes stay planted to them like glue. Pins are replaceable should any fall out of become damaged, or perhaps if you want to tailor the amount of grip on offer.

While riding through the winter the large gaps allowed mud to squeeze through, avoiding our shoes from slipping around too much. At 518g a pair they're not overly portly, and with four anodised colours; black, grey pink, x-ray – as pictured – or powder-coated white, there's a colour to suit most bike setups.

Positives: Grip, wide platform, durable bearings, looks, tough

Negatives: A touch pricey

Verdict: The best thing about these pedals is that not only do they look great but they offer stacks of grip.

Performance: 5/5

Value: 3/5

Overall: 4/5