Take a look at the photo above. Look real close. Spot anything different?

SRAM released this photo on its Facebook page, and those with 20:20 vision will spot the unusual looking rear mech. While the company hasn’t officially released any details about what sets it apart from regular SRAM mechs, we can deduce that it is most probably a clutch-style rear mech, as pioneered by Shimano with its XTR Shadow Plus last year.

The Shadow Plus has been one of the most well received products of the past year. It uses a one-way clutch to keep the chain tension high, preventing the mech from swinging forward. This has obvious benefits of eliminating chain slap, preventing the chain falling off, especially useful with 2x10 and 1x10 setups.

It’s likely that Shimano will quickly trickle the technology down the range. And with this released photo, SRAM is sending out an answer to all those people who have wondered if the company will offer a similar product.