SRAM has just announced it is to bring back Grip Shift.

Jaroslav Kulhavy was spotted riding SRAM’s new 10-speed BlackBox Grip Shift twist shifters at the XC World Championships in Champéry, Switzerland.

The come back of Grip Shift nicely marks SRAM's 25th anniversary, since the company launched in 1987 with the first DB1 shifter. Grip Shift was hugely popular for a while, with millions of shifters sold, but it soon faded out of fashion.

Now, with components getting lighter and the rise of 2x10 (and 1x10) drivetrains, SRAM has decided it's the right time to reintroduce Grip Shift.

Kulhavy has long been a fan of twist shifters. BlackBox Program Manager Jon Cancellier and Kulhavy decided Worlds was the perfect opportunity to switch from trigger to twist shifters. “Kulhavy’s victory at Worlds validated the developmentof the BlackBox Grip Shift," Cancellier said.“We’re stoked to get it into production soon."