Who has missed Grip Shift? Well, it is set to make a return as SRAM relaunches it following the full thumbs up from Jaroslav Kulhavy, who raced to victory in the 2011 UCI World Championship on Grip Shift.

For 2012 SRAM will introduce the 10-speed Grip Shift to both XX and XO groupsets, and is fully compatible with existing 2x10 SRAM groups. As yet the company hasn't given us any details on the technical aspects or how much a setup is expected to weigh. More on those details when we get them.

For many, it will be welcome return. Grip Shift first arrived in 1990, and though it soon became a favourite of weight weenie cross-country racers, it was first used competitively by Greg Herbold in the first downhill world championship event.


"Designed for SRAM 2X10, the all-new Grip Shift has been reengineered from the inside out. And, in true form, its inaugural race was Jaroslav Kulhavy’s 2011 XC World Championship win. Simply put, it’s one of the most advanced shifters ever created."