The Shimano Yumeya doesn't feature any complete component, it's all bits to replace parts of existing components. Pictured here we have replacement lever reservoir lids in gold and white, a gold-anodised BB preload bolt, eminently practical white ceramic jockey wheels, lightened titanium cassette sprockets, lightened and anodised shifter mounts and carbon fibre rear derailleur plates. Also available will be barrel adjusters, brake hoses, a hollow-pin chain, bits of titanium hardware and so on.

Most Yumeya bits offer a hint of weight saving, although obviously not much per item - the carbon derailleur plates shed 11g, the cassette sprockets save 15 if you use all the ones available, the chain is 10g lighter. It mounts up, but it's going to struggle to reach a quarter of a pound for the lot. We don't yet know how much that'll cost, but we're going to hazard a guess at "a lot".

And then there's the colour, which is, of course entirely subjective. We're sure that many people will love the white-and-gold thing, even if it's all a bit Ratners for our tastes. It's an interesting development by Shimano, though, and we're sure that there'll be plenty more Yumeya stuff to come for other groups and, just possibly, in other colours.

The full Yumeya line-up can be found at (the somewhat Flash-laden) We'll bring you UK prices as soon as we know them...