Giant have been steadily increasing the scope of its parts and accessories range for the past couple of years, and at a plush hotel just outside of Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, we were given the full tour.

But there was one product that stood out more than any other: the Switch seatpost. Adjustable height seatposts have been around for a couple of years but it’s only really recently that more manufacturers are starting to spec them on their bikes, and there’s an increasing choice of post.

Giant’s own-branded Switch 30.9mm seatpost is remotely activated by a handlebar mounted lever which, at the flick of a finger, drops the post a full 100mm (4in). Inside is a sealed oil bath design that should be well sealed enough to keep dirt and mud from progressing into the heart of the post, and anti-twist technology should keep your saddle pointing in the right direction.

We’ve always like the idea of a dropper seatpost but reliability has so far been an issue with previously available posts but a rash of new releases, including this one from Giant, might see widespread adoption of dropper posts finally happen.