Adjustable height seatposts, or dropper posts as most people call them, are rapidly becoming all the rage. At the recent Megavalanche nearly two thirds of the field were using some sort of dropper post, and it’s not only in the mountains that they’re proving to be popular: right across the UK trail riders are cottoning on to their benefits.

Giant Bicycles just sent us their new Contact Switch Remote seatpost to have a play with. We say new, it’s actually been in the range for a little while, but Giant hasn’t really been ‘pushing’ it much, shall we say.

Out of the box it looks an impressive piece of kit. Giant have given the post 100mm (4in) of limitless height adjustment with a proprietary air spring and oil bath cartridge inside the aluminium structure. Anti-Twist Technology keeps the saddle pointing in the right direction and an interchangeable clamp design will take 7mm and 9mm saddle rails. It’s reversible too with either 12mm or 23mm of offset.

It’s available in 30.9mm diameter with a generous 400mm length. Weight is a claimed 535g.

We're going to stick it on a test bike

Available now costing £169.99 from

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