Let's have a go on that weird saddle you've got then...

"Eeeeerrrrrr! That's weird!" and to start with it is.

(Sorry ladies, but I don't have the erm, 'resources' for a female perspective.)

With traditional 'non groovy' saddles your body weight is supported by soft tissue,

and with all that complicated plumbing & hydraulics that can't be a good thing...

so when my long lived, hard padded, Ti railed Club Roost minimalist perch died,

I thought I'd do my bits a favour.

It does take some getting used to, since your 'perineum' sits in the groove, the bones either side take your weight. This happens to be the strength of the design, however those bones have never supported your weight before and need a little "breaking in".

First ride; felt okay, perhaps a bit weird.

Second ride; those bony bits were still a bit tender after the first ride...(ouch)

Third ride; Y' know, I think I'm sitting down more than I used to...

And from there things have just got better.

Shifting weight forward for technical climbs is only slightly less comfortable than sitting back on the whole shebang. In fact, I've actually started moving my weight about the saddle much more, and been concentrating on technique and weight shifts, rather than pains in the arse.

The Si isn't what I would call a lightweight saddle at 350g, but what's 100g when you're getting that personal? My arse would call it a revelation (if my arse could speak).

Cycle Logical were offering in pounds the prices quoted in dollars at www.koobi.com and for my money I got a chromo railed, well made, comfy saddle with gorgeous soft leather, just enough padding, and neat, tidy embroidery.

So what do I reckon?

Not exactly cheap but it is cutting edge (not literally) technology, and has made

sitting down as comfortable as it always should have been.

Rating: 5/5