Written by David Guest.

The Charge Spoon saddle is a lightweight, comfortable and versatile saddle that is available in an array of bright and sometimes ostentatious colour options.

The saddle of choice for XC, enduro and road riders, typified by light weight, supportive shape and pressure-relief channel.

What it is: Upon first glance, it’s easy to be skeptical of the delightfully named Spoon saddle from British cycling brand Charge. At a mere £24.99, you might well wonder how this saddle could possibly be any better than the stock factory version you’ve been parking your rear on since you bought your current bike. This is where the real strength of this product lies – the saddle has been specifically designed to put a lightweight and relatively advanced saddle design within the budgets of everyday cyclists.

At just 258g, the saddle should offer a considerable weight saving to your ride and its orthodox and well-designed shape is comfortable and supportive mile after mile.


One of the real selling points of the Spoon is the vast array of colour options it is available to buy in. Whether you’re looking for subtle black, traditional brown, a more striking bright red, or even a faux-camouflage pattern – the Spoon is a saddle that dares to be different in terms of its looks.

Who it's good for: An improving road cyclist looking for a saddle to increase comfort and also brighten the look of their bike. An affordable and easy way to upgrade one of your bike’s most important components.