renthal grip

The Renthal Lock On Kevlar Grips are very comfortable and durable grips

Price: £24.99

What they say: Renthal Lock-On grips feature CNC aluminium locking collars, permanently integrated with the central core, giving the ultimate all-weather security on the handlebar. The integrated construction eliminates any movement between the grip section and the collars, which could otherwise develop over time.

renthal grip 2
Renthal are well known for their distinctively coloured handlebars and stems, and the company also does a smart line of grips. These Renthal Lock On Kevlar Grips use a machined integrated lock-on collar, securing the grips very firmly onto the handlebars. They work well with alloy and carbon handlebars, with no slippage, a benefit of the lock-on collar integration. At 110mm, the grip section is a generous width.

Renthal offers a choice of grip materials, but if you like thin and tacky grips, the Kevlar compound is the pick of the range. The thin grips don’t provide the same level of cushioning as thicker grips, but the upshot is a great feeling of control through the handlebars. Despite their grippiness, the grips are still in excellent condition even after 12 months of use, and durability has been top notch.

Who it’s good for: If you favour thin and grippy grips, these Renthal Lock On Kevlar Grips are a very good choice, and they’re not badly priced either