We've just got hold of one of the first sets of spanky Race Face Turbine LP cranks and bottom bracket, complete with their new ISIS splined taper.

To make sure they get a truly horrific test we plugged them into the dreaded "old red Pace" singlespeed, that's previously destroyed a Hope bottom bracket, an XT one as well as Middleburn and Kooka cranks in terrifingly short order. Race Face reckon the new ISIS units are 25% stiffer, so we'll see how well they work on a bike that's at least 75% stiffer than anyone this side of clinical masochism would willingly ride.

We'll have an update after the weekend - if nothing else vital shakes off the bike like it normally does - and then let you have a full report after we've cranked it round the World Singlespeed Champs next weekend.