Designed for recreational cyclists who want something halfway between the freedom of flat pedals and the security of clipless pedals, the new Mavic EZ Ride system adopts a novel approach for a simple solution.

Using a pedal with a centrally mounted magnet and raised ‘cross’ shape and a correspondingly shaped shoe with receiving recess and magnet, clipping in is simply a case of placing the shoe over the pedal. There’s no physical clipping in required nor do you need to twist to disengage, simply a case of lifting your foot away. It could be about the simplest approach for someone who might want the benefits of a full-blown clipless system without making the perilous plunge.


Shoe choice is currently limited to the Wanderer, available for men and women. The Wanderer is along the lines of shoes like Shimano’s MT52, providing a semi-rigid sole with a Contragrip outsole and brushed suede and mesh upper.

Of more interest to ‘serious’ mountain bikers are the rumours of a brand new mountain bike pedal, following the launch of an all new road pedal range last year. More news on that when we get it…

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