Magura are upping their commitment to 29ers this year with the release of the new TS8 suspension fork, available in 26, 650 and, pictured here, 29in.

The development of this new fork followed the guiding principles of ‘stiffer, lighter, easier’ and builds on a successful and popular line of forks. We've always been impressed with Magura forks over the years, providing great performance and reliability. The TS8 uses the now familiar Dual Arch Design (DAD) design for a super stiff fork, 32mm stanchions and three travel options; 80, 100 and 120mm.

As well as regular 9mm quick release axle on the 26in fork, Magura usher in a new 15mm bolt-thru axle design, M15, on their 29er forks. This minimalist design uses a thru-axle that is tightened into place with a Torx T25 bolt, and rather neatly there's an integrated tool that lives inside the opposite end of the axle.


In use it works pretty well. It’s simple to pop the tool out and unthread the axle. A couple of concerns spring to mind; how quickly it’ll work in a race situation, and how securely the tool is kept in there.

Another really nice detail, and something I’m surpised no other fork manufacturer has ever thought to do, is the fitting of two small rubber bump stops to the bottom of the fork legs. That’ll stop the forks scuffing when you take the front wheel out to fix a puncture, or when packing the bike into the car.


Several versions of the fork will be available. Our sample has Magura’s Dynamic Lockout System (DLO) which with the supplied remote lever can easily lock out the fork on the fly. Air pressure is adjusted via the air valve on the left side of the fork, and a rebound dial is located at the bottom of the fork.

Steerer tube options will include 11/8in and a tapered version like we have here, as is appropriate for the current generation of frames. Weight for our sample is around 3.78lb (1,715g). An SL version of the fork will see that figure reduced somewhat.


A 26in and 650b version of the TS8 will also be going on sale soon. Sitting underneath the TS8 will be a more affordable TS6 fork, more details on that soon.

Now to find a suitable frame to strap them to and get riding, a full review soon.

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