About this time last year Magura released a new line of disc brakes. Called MT, the range, consisting of four models, was the German disc and suspension fork manufacturers update to the old Marta model with several new updates.

Central to the redesign has been the use of a ‘Carbotecture’ for the lever body and master cylinder, a high-densisty carbon thermoplastic matrix. It’s the first time a disc brakes master cylinder has been made from carbon, and is key to the lightness of the complete brake setup.

The brakes now have the easy-to-setup flip-flop and split-clamp lever design. The new lever has a more ergonomic shape with an increased surface area for greater contact with the finger (or fingers if you use two digits for braking).


The new caliper is a compact unit with pads easily replaced without needing to remove the wheel. A final detail is the use of T25 torx bolts across the board, so you only need one Allen key to fiddle with the brakes, not a cluster of different sizes.

While the range-topping MT8 grabbed all the headlines when Magura revealed their new brake range last year, it’s the Magura MT6 that offers the best value for money. Replacing the carbon lever blade and clamp with aluminium only increases the weight from 280g to 310g, but more importantly the price difference is £199 compared to a whopping £299. You can see the MT6 is the pick of the range when it comes to the pound-to-weight ratio.

We’ll have a first ride report soon…