The new MT series (MT standing for mission team) brakes has been two years in development and focus on lightweight and higher levels of stopping power, but mostly lightness.

Four levels of pricing, starting with the MT2 and rising to the MT4, MT6 and MT8, each share a new lever design with a lower profile, with the reservoir integrated almost seamlessly into the clamp.

While the top-end MT8 uses carbon fibre to reduce the weight still further, while ramping up the price, the brake that interests us the most is the one we think most people will actually buy. The MT6 pictured here swaps carbon for a cheaper aluminium lever blade, but only sees a small increase in weight.

Weighing just 30g more than the MT8, the 310g MT6 uses a one-piece forged calliper design. Compared to the old Marta, the new design features a split clamp that makes fitment much easier and you can run left or right hand setups. They’re also compatible with SRAM Matchmaker shifter clamps, a nice touch.

The MT6 will cost £199 per end, but prices start at just £99 per end for the entry-level MT2.