Lizard skins on bars

Written by Duncan Moore

Expensive handlebar tape that proves to be worth the high price

Price: £27.99

What they say: Feel the superior grip and comfort of our popular DSP tape in a 1.8mm thickness. Weighing only 50 grams per set (including plugs), the DSP is the lightest tape on the market.

Lizard skins close up
Lizard Skins makes its DSP handlebar tape in two thicknesses; 2.5mm and 1.8mm, and I’ve been riding with the latter. There is no way of avoiding the fact that at over £25 the DSP is expensive for what it is. However, take the time to get over the price and get out riding with it and it starts to prove to be worth the cost.

Like most rolls of bar tape today it has a self-adhesive backing strip that makes it easy to fit, providing you’re okay with wrapping tape on bars.

Once on the bars what was immediately noticeable was the tape’s texture. There are dimples on the surface not dissimilar to those on a golf ball and then there’s the actual feel. The tape is almost tacky but without feeling sticky, and is unlike any bar tape I’ve ever used before. In fact, it is so tactile there’s a real temptation to ride without gloves.

Lizard skins package

Who’s it good for: If you’ve suffered from numb hands on long rides because of vibrations coming through the handlebars Lizard Skins DSP handlebar tape could definitely help. The 1.8mm thick option offers plenty of comfort, the thicker option might make the bars too large in diameter for some riders, but would certainly benefit those who ride rougher road surfaces.