KCNC wades into the disc brake wars with its new X7 offering

The minimalist lever blade sure looks striking

After 12 months of development and feedback from riders, KCNC - a brand well known for its range of aftermarket lightweight and colourful components - has released its new X7 disc brakes.

With an emphasis on lightness, the new brakes have a new Pro lever with a modified shape and new clamp.

Costing £399.99, KCNC claim a complete system weight of 249g (front calliper, hose and lever, 160mm Razor rotor and two Ti calliper mount bolts), which makes it one of the lightest discs currently available. For an idea of the weight savings, a Marta Mag SL weighs 312g, Formula's R1 277g, the Hope Race is 291g and SRAM's XX 281g.

The X7 comes complete and pre-bled, and the callipers are available in IS or post mount options, with a choice of four anodised colours (black, red, gold, silver). Hoses can be black, red, white or yellow, to match your other KCNC parts or whatever colour scheme you've got going on with your frame and other parts.

The pads, semi-metallic with alloy back plates, are XTR compatible, with Razor 140mm, 160mm or 180mm rotors.

Available now from www.clee-b2b.co.uk