There’s a brand new chain device from Gamut. They started with a blank canvas and designed the new G30 from the ground up to be the lightest chain device they’ve ever produced, by some 100g.

icebike 141

It’s also designed to be simpler and more durable, with the bearing in the lower guide gone to make place for an o-ring. Yes, a simple o-ring replaces the usual roller on a cartridge bearing assembly, with Gamut telling us there’s no chance of it seizing up. Plus it’s obviously lighter. And it should be a hell of a lot quieter too.

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We’re increasingly seeing chain devices being specced on bikes well away from the downhill circuit, with a growing number since the adoption of 2x10 and 1x10 by cross-country racers and weekend trail warriors. Gamut say they’ve got some new 2x10 devices up their sleeves this year too… |

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